Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 Projects to finish!

If you've been following my Journal Your Christmas posts you'd have noticed on New Years Day Seren and I spent hours sorting through my craft supplies.  She nabbed loads for herself and I cleared some much needed space in the craft corner of my bedroom.  During this process we found loads of  half finished proects so as it's 10 Things day today I decided to do my top 10 of all the projects I found half finished!  Here they are:

1. Project life - a new project I'm hoping to start when they finally arrive on Amazon.co.uk

2. Move More Eat Well - started this last year, this post was the only one I did!  Signed up for the Big Picture class this year so hopefully that will motivate me to think more about it!

3. 6x4 Photo Love - still got Mat to December to do!

4. Mini book about our house using the following Kit:

5. A travel journal documenting our holiday in Devon Cliffs in 2009 (oops!)

6. Sort out some pix for this year in review page

7. A family mini book using the following kit:

8. Scrap your Day - managed to do 2 months in 2009 so want to add three more in 2011.  I'm thinking this is going to be a long project.

9. Find a pic of the husband and I for this True Love layout.

10. A cute pink paper bag album, don't know what to fill it with yet, any ideas?

Thanks for spending some time reading today.  If you want to see more 10 things then goto Shimelle.com.


  1. I have to admit ur list made me chuckle! I wouldnt have been able 2 list it with just ten! hehehe! Oh well! Think positive u've done loads of fab things!

  2. What a fun idea for 10 on the 10th! I can probably come up with 10 unfinished projects as well!!!

  3. Have to chuckle Rach. I daren't count how many unfinished projects I've got. What's the saying? " Out of sight out of mind!!" My projects are well hidden!!